UPC-A EAN13 Bookland barcode

UPC-A is the most widely used barcode symbology in USA. UPC-A encodes 11 digits plus a check digit.

The first digit of UPC-A is the Number System. Followed by 5-digit Manufacturer Code, and another 5-digit Product Code. The last digit of UPC-A is check digit.

UPC-E is a variation of UPC-A. UPC-E turns 10 digits Manufacturer Code and Product Code into 6-digit number.

EAN13 is used in Europe. The only difference between EAN13 and UPC-A is the Number System of EAN13 has 2 digits. Therefore, EAN13 encodes 12 digits plus a check digit.

EAN8 is a smaller sized version of EAN13. EAN8 encodes 8 digits into barcode.

JAN is actually EAN barcodes that use Number System of 49. It's used in Japan.

Bookland is actually a variation of EAN-13 barcode that use Number System 978. So Bookland always begins with "978", followed by 9 digits plus a check digit.

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