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To print PDF417 barcode in Visual Basic,
you need Barcodesoft bcspdf417.ttf true type font and cruflbcs.dll .

If you download and install the demo of Barcodesoft PDF417 software on your computer,
you will find crUFLBCS.dll from
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Barcodesoft\Fontutil\" folder.

If you don't find cruflbcs.dll on your computer, please download it from PDF417 Barcode VB .

crUFLBCS.dll is a COM object with IPDF417 interface.
You can find the detailed information about IPDF417 interface from readme.html.

To call the methods of IPDF417 interface, you can use either Late Binding or Early Binding.

Late Binding

Late binding is used when type information of an object is unavailable at compile time.

Your codes using late binding to print pdf417 barcode in Visual Basic run slower than using early binding.

However, your codes are version-independent as long as COM interface and method parameters remain unchanged.

Here is a sample using late binding to print PDF417 barcode in Visual Basic.
Open LateBindingSample.frm with Visual Basic from
C:\Program Files (x86)\Barcodesoft\pdf417font\ folder.
Dim cruflBCSObj As Object
Set cruflBCSObj = CreateObject("cruflBCS.PDF417.1")
cruflBCSObj.SetCRLF (1)
Dim retval As String
retval = cruflBCSObj.Encode(strTemp, "0")

Please apply font typeface BCSPDF417 to returned string "retval". You will see PDF417 barcode .

Early Binding

Early binding requires the client to get access to the type library before compile.

Your codes using early binding to print PDF417 barcode run faster than using late binding.

Here is a sample using early binding to print PDF417 barcode in Visual Basic.
Open EarlyBindingSample.frm with Visual Basic from the following folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\Barcodesoft\pdf417font\.

1. Click Project menu, choose "Add Reference..." to load the type information of cruflBCS.dll.
PDF417 barcode add reference in vb

2. Use the following code snippet to print barcode from Visual Basic.

pdf417 barcode Visual Basic
Dim obj As cruflBCS.CBCSPDF417
Set obj = New cruflBCS.CBCSPDF417
pdf417 = obj.Encode(strToEncode, "0")
Set obj = Nothing
For more information about PDF417 barcode, please click pdf417.