OCR-B Font

OCR-B font is both machine-readable and human-readable. Character shapes and dimensions are specified in ANSI X3.49-1975 (R1982) standard.

ANSI X3.49-1975 (R1982) has been approved as American National Standard for Optical Character Recognition by the Federal Government.

OCR-B and European Computer Manufacturers Association Standard (ECMA-11) share a large number of identical characters. Yet they are different.
Experts of ISO Technical Committee are working to consolidate these two different standards.

OCR-B can be used in a wide range of applications: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Reading and Data Entry.

Three sizes of characters shapes are provided: OCR-B I, OCR-B III, OCR-B IV.
While OCR-B II is reserved for international use.

The OCR-B character set includes 140 characters as shown below.

For more information about OCR-B font, please click OCR-A and OCR-B font.

OCR-B font Character Set is shown below:

OCR-B Font