OCR-A Font

OCR-A font is both machine-readable and human-readable. Character shapes and dimensions are specified in ANSI INCITS 17-1981 (R2000) standard.

ANSI INCITS 17-1981 (R2000), formerly known as ANSI X3.17-1981 (R2000), has been approved as American National Standard for Optical Character Recognition by the Federal Government.

It can be used in many different applications: Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Machine Reading and Data Entry.

Three sizes of characters shapes are provided: OCR-A I, OCR-A III, OCR-A IV.
While OCR-A II is developed in Europe and not used in the United States. Therefore it is reserved for international use.

The character set includes 94 printable characters plus Character Space, Character Erase, Group Erase and 9 special characters as shown below.

Character Tilde, Underline, and Grave Accent have no graphical representation in the character set.
However, you can use Hook, Fork, Chair symbol to represent Tilde, Underline, and Grave Accent, repspectively.

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OCR-A font Character Set is shown below:
OCR-A Font