Setup Barcode .Net Server Control for your application

1. Copy BCSDotNetCtrl.dll to your .Net application \bin folder

2. Copy Barcodesoft.ashx to your .net application root folder

3. Now, you can insert a barcode image into your html page like this

<img src="Barcodesoft.ashx?s=code39&TEXT=1234">

4. Or you can setup the property of this control in the codebehind .cs file

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = Convert.ToInt32(Symbology.SelectedValue);
BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Text = DataToEncode.Text;
BCSBarcodeCtrl1.ImageFormat = Convert.ToInt32(FormatList.SelectedValue);
BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Orientation = Convert.ToInt32(OrientationList.SelectedValue);
BCSBarcodeCtrl1.BarWidth = Convert.ToInt32(BarWidthList.SelectedValue);
BCSBarcodeCtrl1.BarHeight = nBarHeight;