QRCode Barcode ASP.NET Server Control

Either set Symbology property in codebehind .cs file

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = 23;

Or add a tag directly

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=qrcode

QR Code is also known as Quick Response Code. QR Code is a 2D matrix barcode symbology.

QRCode Matrix size ranges between 21 X 21 modules and 177 x 177 modules.

Each module is either black or white.

QR Code is a two dimensional Japanese barcode that is able to encode 8-bit JIS characters and Kanji characters (Shift JIS characters).

A Model 2 QR Code can hold up to 1500 Japanese Kanji characters.

Reed Solomon algirthm is used for Error Checking and Correcting. Four different error checking levels are available for choose.

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