Code 39

Either set Symbology property in codebehind .cs file

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = 1; //Code39

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = 2; //Code39 Extended

Or add a tag directly

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=code39

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=code39ext

Code39, also known as 3 of 9 code, USD-3 and LOGMARS, is one of the most widely used bar code symbologies.

LOGMARS stands for Logistics Applications of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols. It is a variation of code 39 defined in Military Standard MIL-STD-1189B.

Code 39 accepts 43 valid input characters: 26 uppercase alphas, 10 digits and hyphen(-), period(.), space, dollar sign($), slash(/), plus(+) and percent (%).

Normally, a checksum digit is not required. But in applications that require high accuracy, a modulo 43 checksum character is appended.

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