Code 128

Either set Symbology property in codebehind .cs file

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = 3; //Code128A

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = 4; //Code128B

BCSBarcodeCtrl1.Symbology = 5; //Code128C

Or add a tag directly

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=code128A

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=code128B

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=code128C

Code 128 is widely implemented in many applications to encode both alpha-numeric data and numeric-only data. Code128 has three subsets: code128A, code128B and code128C.

Code 128A is used to encode uppercase alpha and control characters.
Code 128B is used to encode both uppercase and lowercase alpha and numeric data.
Code 128C is used to encode numeric-only data.

Code 128 has many variations, like EAN 128, ISBT 128, etc. It has become mandatory to use UCC/EAN Code128 symbology to print bar coded labels of Confirmation Services since the year of 2004. USS Code128 also uses subset C to encode label.

A check digit is always required.

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