Human Readable Text

bool HumanReadable; // Whether or not to show human readable text

string HRText; //Human Readable Text

string FontName; //Human Readable Text Font Typeface

string FontSize; //Human Readable Text Font Point Size

Or add a tag directly

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=code39&hr=true&hrfont=arial&hrfontsize=8

< img src="barcodesoft.ashx?s=gs1128&hr=true&hrtext=(00)1234567890&hrfont=arial&hrfontsize=6

Default value of hr property is true. You can set it to either true or false.

It is invalid for 2D bar code and POSTNET bar code.

true: display human readable text
false: no human readable text

You can also setup hr property through URL:
<img src="Barcodesoft.ashx?s=code39&TEXT=1234&hr=false>