Printer Control Language (PCL)

HP&copy developed Pritner Control Language (PCL) more than 20 years ago. Ever since then, Hewlett Packard has never ceased improving PCL to provide advanced printer control functionality.

Today, PCL has become the de facto industry standard for printer control language. Through a series of Escape and upper case characters, almost any computer can communicate with a LaserJet printer.

Users can select scalable fonts to reside in printer memory. So that any computer connected can make use of PCL font. This is one big advantage of using Printer Control Language (PCL).

LaserJet printer can be connected locally or from a server through a parallel port.

If you use Windows, you can use the following DOS command to use PCL MICR font to print from a network printer.
Suppose your data is saved in data.txt file.
copy /B +MICR.sfp +data.txt \\server\HPLaser