GS1-128 barcode crystal reports GS1-128 barcode crystal reports
GS1-128 barcode crystal reports
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Crystal Reports Server is a reporting tool for mid-size business.

Crystal Reports Server 2008 is designed for companies that need to deliver reports via Internet to targeted viewers.

If you want to generate linear or 2D barcode in Crystal Reports Server, you don't need to look any further.

Barcodesoft Java library is a smart and simple font-based solution for creating bar codes in Crystal Reports Server for Linux.

Here are the instructions

1. Download Crystal Reports plugin for EClipse from the following URL


You can unzip and install it.

2. Start EClipse, then click menu Windows->Preferences->Crystal Reports->Engine. Click "File..." button on the right side, and choose Barcodesoft jar file.

If you want to get Barcodesoft Java library, please click "Download Demo" button at the top of this page.

3. Click "New..." button at lower right corner. type in 'qrcode.ufl.QRCodeLibrary' as shown below.

crystal reports plugin for eclipse

4. Create a new project in EClipse by click menu File->New->Project->General->Project, and fill in project name.

5. Add a blank Crystal Report by click menu New->Other, then choose Blank Report from Crystal Reports.

6. Right click Formula under Field Explorer to create a new formula field: QRCode as shown below

7. Double click formula field to edit it as get_qrcode_string("StrToEncode", ErrorLvl) or get_qrcode_string({Data.Field}, ErrorLvl) as shown below.

Parameter ErrorLvl is the Error Correction Level for encoding. Its value should be an integer between 1 and 4.

crystal reports server linux formula field barcode
8. Drag and drop the formula field to your report page as shown below.

crystal reports server linux formula field barcode
9. Hilight the formula field in your report, then from its property setting, choose "BcsQrcode" as its Font Name.

crystal reports server linux formula field barcode font
10. Choose Preview mode and bar code will be shown as below.

crystal reports server linux barcode

You can generate all linear and 2D barcodes in Crystal Reports Server for Linux.
This barcode solution for Crystal Reports in Linux is font-based. Therefore, user needs to download both Java Library and the font.
Here is a list of all supported bar code symbologies and suggested bar code fonts.

Symbology Font Typeface used in VFP
Code39 accepts one string parameter Code39mHr
USS Code39 Code39mHr
Code39 Mod 43 Code39mHr
Code39 Extended ExtCode39mHr
Code11 Code11mHr
Code25 Code25mHr
Code25 with check digit Code25mHr
Interleaved 2of5 I25mHr
Interleaved 2of5 with check digit I25mHr
MSI / Plessey MSImHr
Code93 Code93mHr
Codabar CodabarmHr
Telepen TelepenMHr
Telepen Numeric TelepenNmHr
EAN-13 UpcEanM
EAN-8 UpcEanM
ISBN or Bookland UpcEanM
Royal Mail bcsRM4SCC
Intelligent Mail BcsIM
Code128A Code128aMHr
Code128B Code128bMHr
Code128C Code128cMHr
UCC/EAN-128 Code128M
USS-128 Code128M
Master Carton Code, accepts only one parameter Code128M
PDF417, accepts 7 parameters. Index is used to deal with 255 character string length limitation. BcsPDF417
Data Matrix accepts 3 parameters BcsDataMatrix
QR Code accepts 3 parameters BcsQrcode
Code16K accetps 2 parameters Code16kMhr
Aztec accepts 4 parameters BcsAztec