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barcode crystal reports
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在 Crystal Reports 報告中バーコードをプリントしている

With Barcodesoft Crystal Reports UFL (User Function Library) and true type barcode font, you can print bar code from Crystal Reports.

All Barcodesoft font packages contain a UFL DLL (cruflBCS), and this DLL is automatically registered when installed.

Open Crystal Reports and create a new Formula Field, click "Use Editor" field.

In the Functions list, choose Additional Functions, then expand Visual Basic UFLs (u21com.dll) list. Look for the function you need and double click to select it, like "BCSLinearCode39(strInput)".
Now, type in the parameter like this {TestData.Data}.

A formula field has been created successfully. You can drag and drop it to your report. Now, apply font typeface to get a barcode in Crystal Report.

For detailed instructions of using Barcodesoft crUFLBCS.dll with the following bar code symbologies, please click the following URL:

barcode Crystal Reports UFL