SEMI T7 Data matrix SEMI T7-0302 Data Matrix
SEMI T7 Data matrix
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SEMI Data Matrix T7-0302
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SEMI T7-0302
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Barcodesoft SEMI-T7 Data Matrix font is a smart and simple solution for back surface marking of double-side polished silicon wafers with a Data Matrix symbol.

Barcodesoft SEMI-T7 DataMatrix font is designed in compliance with SEMI T7-0302 standard, which specifies the location and dimension of Data Matrix code symbol.

All SEMI Data Matrix symbols have 8 rows by 32 columns. Symbol width is 1mm. Symbol height is 4mm.

The specification was approved by Global Traceability Committee and North American Traceability Committee.

After download and install Barcodesoft SEMI Datamatrix Demo, you will find an Encoder. Type in your 8-character vendor-assigned wafer ID and the 2-character vendor ID from Encoder, you will get SEMI Data Matrix symbol.

If you are using the Demo version, the two character vendor ID will be replaced by dash.

When print at point size 6, Barcodesoft SEMI Data Matrix symbol has the following nominal dimensions:

Data Matrix (SEMI) Rows Columns Total Width Total Height
8 32 1.0 millimeter 4.0 millimeter

It is required that the Data Matrix symbol is obtained by laser scribing.

There are two true type fonts included in the package: Datamatrix and BcsDatamatrix.

Datamatrix true type font is a dot matrix font.
Its print out is shown below
semi datamatrix dot matrix font

BcsDatamatrix true type font is a traditional font.
Its print out is shown below
semi datamatrix font

It is very simple to integrate Barcodesoft SEMI-T7 Data Matrix with your own application. Sample code in VC++ is included in the SEMI-T7 package.

There is a DLL included in the package: crUFLBcs.dll.
It is a COM object. You can use it to print Data Matrix barcode in Crystal Reports.
You can also integrate it with your own application as Data Matrix Encoder.
It has only one interface: IDataMatrix. This interface has the following methods and properties:

Method Parameter1 Parameter2 Description
SEMIT7 [in] BSTR strInput [out,retval] BSTR* strOutput Its turns your input string into SEMI-T7 Data Matrix codewords as output.

SEMI-T7 Data Matrix Pricing List
License Single User 5-User Corporate Developer 5-Developer Unlimited Developer
Price CAD1199 CAD1399 CAD2599 CAD2799 CAD2999 CAD3999

semi data matrix download SEMI Data Matrix image semi data matrix order
SEMI Data Matrix T7-0302
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