QR Code database QR Code barcode
QR Code database
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QR Code database
Compatible with Access versions 2003 and later
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QR Code is also known as Quick Response Code. It is a 2D barcode symbology. QRCode is able to encode more than 1000 Latin or Japanese characters.

With Barcodesoft QR Code font package and Microsoft® Access®, it has never been so easy to print QRCode bar code from your Windows computer and desktop printer.

1. Copy all true type fonts (*.ttf) under fonts folder to your c:\Windows\Fonts folder.

2. Open DOS prompt. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, please Open DOS prompt as administrator.
Please go to the following folder
CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Barcodesoft\FontUtil
Type in the following DOS command to register crUFLbcs.dll
regsvr32 crUFLbcs.dll
QR bar code

If registration fails, please use the following DOS command to register it.
Regtlibv12 is a utility of Windows .NET Framework 2.0.
Regtlibv12 _cruflbcs.tlb

3. Start Microsoft® Access® and change security level
If you use Access 2000 or Access 2003, please click menu Tools ==> Security ==> User Level Security Wizard. Set security level to “Enable All Macros”.
If you use Access 2007, please click Microsoft Office Button qrcode office
Then click “Access Options”, it will popup a dialog. Choose “Trust Center”, click “Trust Center Settings”. Set macro settings to “Enable all macros” as shown below.
qrcode access database

4. Start Microsoft® Access® first. Press ALT + F11 to open Microsoft® Visual Basic editor.
QR Code

5. From Visual Basic editor, choose menu Tools ===> References. It will popup a dialog. Click Browse button and choose cruflbcs.dll from your working folder.
Usually it's under C:\Program File\CommonFiles\Barcodesoft\Fontutil folder.
Click the checkbox beside crUFLBcs 1.0 Type Library as shown below. Then click OK button.
QRCode barcode

6. Press Ctrl+M, it will popup a dialog, choose barcodesoft.bas under
C:\Program File\CommonFiles\Barcodesoft\Fontutil folder. Then click "Open".
QRCode barcode

If QRCode function looks different from the codes below,
please copy and paste the following code snippet to replace it in barcodesoft module.

Public Function QRCode(strToEncode As String) As String
Dim obj As cruflBCS.CQRCode
Set obj = New cruflBCS.CQRCode
QRCode = obj.EncodeCR(strToEncode, 0, 0)
;The third parameter is error correction level valid between 1 and 4, default value is 1 for M15.
Set obj = Nothing
End Function

7. Close Visual Basic and go back to your Access database. Now, create a report in Design view and type in one of the following macros in the field where you want to show QRCode barcode before apply font typeface "BcsQrcode":

Please notice that 'data' is the Table name, 'code' is the Field name.
QRCode barcode macro

8. Right click the field you want to display barcode. Choose Properties from context menu. Apply font typeface BCSQRCode to the field.
qrcode barcode font

Another smart and simple solution for printing QR Code barcode is using Microsoft® Word. First launch Barcodesoft Encoder, then type in whatever you would like to encode. Then press the Copy to clipboard button. Now open Word, and press Ctrl+V. You will see QRCode appear.

For more information about QRCode Barcode, please click BarCodeSoft QR Code.

QRCode barcode Access database download QRCode barcode image QRCode barcode Access database order

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