ISO/IEC 15434 Barcode download ISO/IEC 15434 Barcode image

ISO/IEC 15434 standard is about high capacity ADC media.

In order to use different data formats within one message, ISO/IEC 15434 standard uses a two-level message structure. The higher level is Message Envelope and the lower level is Format Envelope.

The Message Envelope contains a Message Header and a Message Trailer, and one or multiple Format Envelope(s).

Each Format Envelope contains a Format Header, data and a Format Trailer.

In order to encode Message Header in Barcodesoft Encoder, '[)>RS' is input as '[)>'

Message Trailer is End Of Transaction character. It is input as '' in Barcodesoft Encoder.

Format Trailer RS is input as '' in Barcodesoft Encoder.

Format Headers are listed below
Indicator Header Data HTML
00 N/A
01 <GS>vv &#29;vv
02 N/A
03 vvvrrr<FS> <GS> <US> vvvrrr&#28; &#29; &#31;
04 vvvrrr<FS> <GS> <US> vvvrrr&#28; &#29; &#31;
05 <GS> &#29;
06 <GS> &#29;
07 N/A
08 vvvvrrnn vvvvrrnn
09 <GS>t..t<GS>c..c<GS>n..n & #29; file type name & #29; compression technique name & #29; number of bytes
10-11 N/A
12 <GS> & #29;
12-99 N/A