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Barcodesoft Java Server Component is a light-weight Java component that generates all kinds of linear and 2D barcodes in Java JSP and J2EE Web applications.

Barcodesoft Java Server Component is a single .WAR file that supports all major linear and 2D barcode symbologies: Code39 , Code128 , UPC-A , EAN13 , ISBN , Bookland , Interleaved 25 , MSI/Plessey , Code93 , Telepen , Code25 , Codabar , Intelligent Mail (OneCode) , GS1-Databar , MaxiCode , QRCode , PDF417 , Aztec Code and Data Matrix .

Barcode images can be output in different format, like JPeg, BMP, PNG, and TIFF.
If you download demo release of Barcodesoft Java Server Component, you will find demo watermark on generated bar code images.

The implementation is quite easy and straightforward.

1. Download a Apache Tomcat. Please make sure to add the following lines to the following XML file
< role rolename="tomcat" />
< role rolename="manager-gui" />
< user username="tomcat" password="tomcat" roles="tomcat,manager-gui" />

2. Run Apache Tomcat(\apache-tomcat-6.0.32\bin\startup.bat) on your server. Then visit the following URL in your browser


You will be required to input your user name and password (tomcat\tomcat).

3. Choose BCSWebJava.war then click deploy button. You will find one more entry in your Applications list.
java barcode war

4. Click to visit

java barcode server

You can get different bar code image on your Java webpage by modifying index.jsp.

< i m g src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?
data=Java PDF417&type=PDF417" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=12345&type=CODE39" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=CODE128JAVA&type=Code128A" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=Code128Java&type=Code128B" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=123456&type=Code128C" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=BarcodesoftDataMatrix&type=DataMatrix" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=BarcodesoftAztec&type=Aztec" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=BarcodesoftQRCode&type=QRCode" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=BarcodesoftMaxicode&type=Maxicode" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=0123456709498765432101234567891&type=USPS&
appid=IM" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=2001234567890&type=Databar&appid=databar14" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=0031234567890&type=Databar&appid=DatabarLtd" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=2001234567890&type=Databar&appid=DatabarStack" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=2001234567890&type=Databar&appid=DatabarStkOmni" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=(01)90012345678908(3103)001750&type=Databar&
appid=DatabarExp" />

< i mg src="http://localhost:8080/BCSWebJava/barcode?data=(01)98898765432106(3202)012345(15)991231&
type=Databar&appid=DatabarExpStk" />

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Java barcode download Java barcode image Java barcode order
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