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SEMI G71 Software
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  • SEMI G71-0996 standard
SEMI G71 standard specifies barcode marking of intermediate containers used for semiconductor packaging.
Intermediate containers include, but not limited to the following packaging materials: leadframe, molding compound, bonding wire, die attach materials.

It is approved by the Global Assembly & Packaging Committee.

SEMI G71 barcode

The character set of USS 39 contains ten digits, all uppercase letters, ., $, /, %, and space. An asterisk is used only for start and stop characters.

Barcodesoft SEMI G71 barcode software is designed in full compliance with SEMI G71 standard.

User can modify settings of SEMI-G71 label.
The wide narrow ratio is 2.5 as specified in SEMI G71 standard.

User can export the SEMI-G71 barcode label in different format: PNG, JPeg, BMP, and SVG. However, the SVG export option is disabled in demo release.

Even the logo can be exported to SVG format. However, this feature is far from being perfection.

User can change resolution of export barcode image: 300 DPI, 600 DPI, 1200 DPI, and 2400 DPI.

By default, the export folder is C:\Users\{UserName}\AppData. User can change it to whatever folder with writing permission.

The default settings of Barcodesoft SEMI-G71 barcode software are listed below:

Supplier's Field Width Customer's Field Width Label Height Barcode Height Human Readable Text Height
40 mm 80 mm 42 mm 8 mm 3 mm

On the Supplier's Field label, you will find a logo and 3 textboxs.

All three labels are movable. And user can also change font and point size for these text.

Logo is movable and resizable. Pointing the mouse cursor at its edge, user will be able to resize the logo after finding the cursor changes.
Double click the logo, user will be able to change the logo to your own logo in either JPeg or PNG format.

Part number, Lot number, Quantity, and Date information will be checked before a SEMI G71 barcode can be generated.

Exported images of demo version will have "Demo" watermarks.
After a valid license code in input, the demo watermarks will be gone.

This is the pricing list of Barcodesoft SEMI-G71 barcode software

SEMI G71 software Pricing List
License Single User 5-User Corporate Developer 5-Developer Unlimited Developer
Price CAD1199 CAD1399 CAD2599 CAD2799 CAD2999 CAD3999
SEMI G71 software download SEMI G71 image SEMI G71 order
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