Barcodesoft Encoder

Barcodesoft Encoder is a Windows application that turns your data into barcode.

Start Encoder, you will find six buttons in the gray box. They are Options, Special Keyboard, Close, Copy to Clipboard, Print and Minimize.

You will find a textbox. Type in your data in the textbox, you will see bar code appear below.

Click Copy to Clipboard button, then press CTRL+V to paste barcode into other Windows application, such as Word or WordPad.

Barcodesoft Encoder Options Dialog

Click Options button to popup Options Dialog. You will find 3 combo boxes in the dialog: Symbology, Barcode Font, and Point Size.

Choose the correct barcode symbology from the Symbology Combo box. For example, UPC-A is used in North America while EAN13 is used in Europe.

By choosing different Barcode Font and Point Size, you get full control of barcode size.

Barcodesoft Encoder Keyboard Dialog

Click Keyboard button to popup Special Keyboard Dialog.

You can type in non-printable characters to encode as barcode, such as ESC, Tab.

This dialog is only valid to full-ASCII barcode symbologies, such as Code128, Code39 Extended and 2D barcode symbology users, such as Data Matrix, PDF417 and Code16K.

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