RFID Middleware (Radio Frequency Identification)
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RFID Middlware

RFID technology can be used in many different applications, such as asset tracking, file tracking, chain of custody transfer, manufacturing, supply chain management, retailing, payment system, security and access control.

For rapid development of RFID integration with your existing systems, a software layer should be abstracted, as shown in the image below, to deal with low level information exchange between RFID readers and RFID tags. This layer is known as RFID middlware. Meanwhile, RFID middlware can also work with RFID tag printer, DBMS (Data Base Management System) and user interface.

A tag cannot be read without information in it. In order to print or encode data in a tag, you need either a zebra printer or a tag writer software.

rfid middleware architecture

In a typical RFID application scenario, such as warehouse, there are numerous RFID readers located at different parts of the environment. RFID readers can be from different manufacturers. RFID middlware works as a wrapper for all different kinds of RFID reader devices. Data will be exchanged via XML message over UDP/IP protocol.

With RFID Middleware, users are allowed to collect data from RFID tag, and save in user-specified database automatically for later retrieval. This is the most common and basic function of all RFID applications.

rfid middleware image
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