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Anyone who needs to know how to turn a scanned image of a printed document into editable text files need look no further.
The answer is Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software.

Barcodesoft Precise OCR software is designed to provide Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to alpha, numeric and punctuation characters.

Barcodesoft OCR SDK software can be used in a wide variety of applications: Automatic Bank check processing, Euro banking, Serial Number Tracking, Invoices, Shipping documents, passports, bills, and coupons.

At present, Barcodesoft Precise OCR SDK software supports the following font sets: SEMI font, MICR E-13B font, Farrington 7B font and CMC-7 font.

SEMI font is defined in SEMI M12/ M13 standard.
MICR E-13B font is defined in ANSI X9.27 standard.

We are working to add OCR support to the following fonts: OCR-A font and OCR-B font.

No one can guarantee 100% optical character recognition rate. When image quality of a scanned document is not too bad, Barcodesoft OCR SDK software can give you satisfactory optical character recognition (OCR) rate because of our superior technique used to deal with background noise.

Barcodesoft OCR SDK supports multiple image format: Bitmap, JPeg, and GIF.

Barcodesoft OCR SDK has two modes: low-noise mode and high-noise mode. High-noise mode is also known as scanner mode. The latter can be used on OCR scanners.

If you want to add OCR support to a certain font or your own handwritings, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Attention: When you use the demo version of Barcodesoft OCR SDK, some characters will be replaced by asterisk(*).

ocr sdk download OCR SDK image ocr sdk order
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