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  • Code93
  • USS-93
code93 barcode
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Anyone who needs to generate Code93 barcode need look no further. Barcodesoft Code93 software is exactly what you need.

Code 93 barcode symbology was designed to be an enhancement of code 39. Code93 encodes more characters and has higher data security than Code39. Code 93 is also known as USS-93.

Code 93 is designed to encode full ASCII character set by using combination of two characters to represent one.

Code 93 symbology requires a start character, two check digits appending your data and a stop character.

It's a smart and simple solution to use Barcodesoft Code93 barcode software for generating Code93 bar codes.

If you download Barcodesoft Code93 font to print bar code, please use our Encoder to calculate checksum for you. You can also find source code in VBA and C language of code93 checksum calculation.

There are 14 code93 barcode fonts contained in the package as listed below, marked by different trailing indicators. Barcodesoft code93 barcode fonts vary in aspect ratios. Those code93 barcode fonts with "Hr" in name have human readable text underneath Code93 barcode.

Barcodesoft Code93 software Demo is fully functional with the "Demo" watermark.

Barcodesoft code93 fonts are available in true type, PostScript and PCL formats and can be embedded into Adobe PDF files.

Aspect Ratio With Human Readable Without Human Readable
XXS Code93XXSHr Code93XXS
XS Code93XSHr Code93XS
S Code93SHr Code93S
M Code93MHr Code93M
L Code93LHr Code93L
XL Code93XLHr Code93XL
XXL Code93XXLHr Code93XXL

Code93 Barcode Software Pricing List

License Single User 5-User Corporate Developer 5-Developer Unlimited Developer
Price CAD159 CAD299 CAD799 CAD999 CAD1199 CAD1999
code93 barcode download code 93 barcode image code93 barcode order
code 93 barcode image
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