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  • code 49
  • USS-49
  • ANSI/AIM BC6-1995 USS

Code49 is also known as USS-49. It's a stacked barcode symbol.

David Allais developed Code 49 for the Intermec Corporation in 1987. Code49 symbology is defined in ANSI/AIM BC6-1995 USS standard.

Code49 is able to encode full ASCII 128-character set.

Each code 49 symbol consists of 2 to 8 rows. Each row is consisted of a start pattern, four data characters encoding 8 code characters with the last one as check digit, and a stop pattern. Quiet zone is required on both sides of Code49 row. Code49 Symbols with 7 or 8 rows contain 3 check digits in the final row.

The minimum code 49 symbol height is 0.54 inch. Human readable interpretation may be shown underneath code49 symbol.

There are six encoding modes available for code49 barcode. If user leaves mode option blank, the most appropriate mode will be automatically chosen to allow higher data density.
mode 0 - regular alphanumeric mode
mode 1 - append mode
mode 2 - numeric mode
mode 3 - group alphanumeric mode
mode 4 - alphanumeric mode starting shift 1
mode 5 - alphanumeric mode starting shift 2
mode 6 - reserved

Barcodesoft Code49 Demo is fully functional even with the "Demo" watermark.

Barcodesoft Code49 barcode fonts are available in true type, PostScript and PCL formats and can be embedded into Adobe PDF files.

License Single User 10-User Site Corporate Developer Unlimited
Price $129 $199 $499 $599 $699 $1799
code49 barcode download Code49 barcode image code49 barcode order
code49 barcode image
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