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Pharmacode was developed by Laetus for pharmaceutical packaging labels.

There are two versions of Pharmacode: one-track Pharmacode and two-track Pharmacode.

One-track Pharmacode uses narrow bar and wide bar to encode the binary code of an integer from 3 to 131070. The largest integer 131070 takes 16 wide bars to represent. One-track Pharmacode has a standard version and a miniature version. For space restricted application, it is recommended to use miniature one-track Pharmacode.

Two-track Pharmacode uses two half bars and a full bar to encode the binary code of an integer between 4 to 64570080. When half bar height is 4mm, full bar height is 8mm. When half bar height is 6mm, full bar height should be 12mm.

Pharmacode can be printed on paper, label, adhesive label, tubes, films, and cylindrical objects. Enough space should be left around Pharmacode to guarantee decoding process. In order to ensure maximum reliability, it is recommended to print pharmacode with at least 3 bars.

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